Cannot sign up for an OpenAI account - Customer service ignored me, so I'm asking about it here

Two issues:

  1. When I tried to sign up, it reads my phone number as a landline, but it’s my cell number.

  2. I KNOW that I’m supposed to contact customer service about this, but I did. SIX WEEKS AGO. They closed my ticket after doing nothing and haven’t responded to my second ticket. What do I do?

I need to be able to sign into ChatGPT for work, and I can’t. They know it’s not my fault, and they don’t blame me, but this is affecting my ability to earn, and it’s not fair.

Did my cell number USED to be my landline number? Yes. It was the one my late wife and I were assigned when we got married. Changing it now that she’s dead is NOT an option, so please don’t suggest that. It’s been my cell number for three years now.