Cannot Make Builder Profile Public Due to It being Glitched

My builder profile is glitched and customer service is 0 help.

Ive been trying to get this fixed for week
All of the effort my company put into building custom gpts feels futile

  1. Anyone else have the glitch where it asks you to reverify your domain even when it was verified, then when you try to reverify it it says it already been verified? Support is not helping at all

  2. [8:23 AM]

Support is no help at all


  1. [8:24 AM]

This is their response after waiting a week

  • "Thank you for staying in touch with us.First of all, we need wait 24 hours to check that the DNS record has propagated throughout our system. If after 24 hours this error remains, it’s likely the case that your domain is already verified in another organization for SSO purposes. If you are verifying the domain as part of your Custom GPT Builder Profile, you will need to check with your colleagues if the GPT can be created as part of your company’s Enterprise organization. If you are using a different organization for the GPT Builder, you can still create GPTs but cannot publish them in the GPT store. Best, "
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  • the dns settings were updated more than a week ago and there is no posibility another organization is using my DNS as the only verification is the one i put there
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  • We have worked diligently to build custom gpts for the store and now none of them are public and we cant get any help
  1. [8:27 AM]
  • Ive Provided proof i own the DNS by providing a screenshot of the DNS being entered in to my DNS setting
  1. I verified my domain before with you guys it worked, and then it said i needed to verify my domain again, so i deleted the old txt record and added the new one

now it says my domain is already verified

this is an issue on your end not godaddys

As you can se the website is enabled as if i have already verified but when i select my domain it says i need to verify it!

It shows my domain as verified and it clickable but i cant make my profile public or turn on my domain

Hello! Same problem at /t/i-cant-make-my-builder-profile-public-and-i-dont-know-why-can-someone-tell-me/618330
Is there any other way to do it, i mean its not glitched for me all i need is a domain. How do i make one exactly?

Hello this is not the same issue since you do not have a domain i would recommend googling how to do so

Have been left on read by open AI support for over 2 weeks…

Definitely not locking mine and my customers data to this platform

Left on read for 1 week and my messages havent been opened for 2 and the person is online