Cannot login with paid account

Tried clearing cookies, still same.

Tried using the desktop app but that’s just a browser shell and just loops forever with cloudflare spinning a stupid circle and wanting me to tick a box, rinse and repeat forever.

I can’t even login to cancel my account.

WTF is happening?

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I tried switching browsers, using Edge, signed in, getting the same “Whoa, might want to wait a bit.”

No, I don’t want to wait a bit, that’s why I’m paying to use the service.

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Same thing, cant access my paid account when I actually need it, they should refund the money!!!

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OK, good news, having randomly tried again just now… it let me log in? :smiley:

I’m still deeply concerned how such a thing could happen in the first place but for now I’m happy, I guess.

I hope AIGuy and others with the same issue receive help soon :crossed_fingers: