Cannot download from Code Intrepreter

Hello all,
i have trained (one chat window) data for past 1 week. now i like to dowload the trained data as pdf or doc. but unfortunately, i couldnot. its always showing following error - Code interpreter session expired
can someone suggest how to download trained data?.. and moreover, as i had trained for long time, chat window takes really long time to load and to respond…any way to fix?
it would be great, if someone can guide me.

Thanks in advance

Every so often the session state for the Advanced Data Analysis model is reset.

When this happens all of the temporary variables created during the season are deleted and any files in your sandbox are removed.

There is no way to recover from this.

All you can do is re-run the commands in a new session to get back to where you were.

I’ll share my end of session steps which may help you in the future.

The first thing I like to do is, at the end of a session, ask the model to generate a python file with all of the code necessary to get back to this point.

This way if I want or need to make any changes to the code, I can manually.

I then ask it to store all session variables to a .pkl file to be reloaded later.

Lastly, I ask it to write a clear and concise summary of what the purpose of this session and what we’ve done so far into a text file, I ask it to include anything we’ve tried that failed and why it didn’t work so if we need to start over we don’t end up going down the wrong path again.

Then I ask it to wrap up all of the files in my sandbox into a archive file which I can download.

When I need to restore a session, I can simply upload the archive file and one of,

  1. Load everything back into the workspace from the .pkl file using globals
  2. Run the .py script to regenerate everything
  3. Ask it to read the summary.txt file to understand the task and work again from first principles.

It might seem silly and redundant to have all three available, but depending on what I want to do moving forward it can be helpful to have all the options available to me.

Again, none of this will help you now but going forward—if you’re consistent about doing it—I think it will greatly alleviate a great many issues.

Thanks for your detailed explanation, but unfortunately…its not allowing me even to download .py file. its say code interpreter error. any other way to download?..literally i had spent more than 4 weeks to train the complete data, i am afraid, i may loose my content and data…its very hard to train everything from scratch. any other work around solution to get the trained content?..Thanks in advance

As I said, once the session is reset there is nothing that can be done. Your session is gone and gone forever.

All I have provided is a description of something you should do going forward—in the future—to ameliorate this issue.

I am sorry you have lost your session, but it is unrecoverable.

The best you might be able to do at this point is copy all of the code chunks run by the model and re-run them locally.