Can the scrollbar PLEASE be larger?

In chatGPT, on the right of the screen, the scrollbar is reduced to a tiny dot. Why is it so small? Why isn’t it the default size and format?

When I’m using it, I constantly need to scroll up and down to compare feedback, copy notes, etc.

The smaller size makes it difficult to:

  1. judge where I am in the conversation,
  2. find the lighter-than-normal grey dot, and
  3. click on it to scroll up and down.

It’s a constant struggle for me, and although I wear reading glasses, even with my reading glasses it is still unnaturally difficult for no obvious benefit.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is it an issue for anyone else?

This is the page following the browser following the OS following terrible design patterns. Try:

Windows setting → accessibility → Visual → “Always show scrollbars”.

firefox’s about:config, you can toggle:

And then you have bad websites that take unpredictably or don’t give scroll focus, like this very forum, where up and down keys are forever ineffective to scroll the sidebar.

At least OpenAI finally fixed more of the UI, like the scrollbar going under a flex overlay, as if they only ever looked at Edge in Windows 11 with default settings.

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