Can’t send messages on ChatGPT, issue not resolved for 3 days


I have been experiencing an annoying issue on the mobile website version of ChatGPT. I cannot send any messages, whenever I press send, the button stays grey and messages also don’t regenerate. This is only on the mobile version though, there is no such issue on computer. I have cleared cookies and cache, changed the language, even had a software update, nothing had worked. I have reached out to support twice. The first time, the issue resolved by itself, but the second time after the problem returned, they haven’t responded to me in 2 days, and that’s where I am currently. Is there any possible solution or cause that could help me?

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Yo same :smiley: been working like this for 2 weeks now

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The bloody support team has left me on “seen” for 2 days, and the bot hasn’t been active since, 5 star service

I know mate, I know. Can’t wait to get a solution

Hi! What iOS do you have? Or this issue on the computer?

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I have the same problem, on an iOS 15.8.1, iPhone 7+ in the web browser DuckDuckGo.

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On Safari website mobile, IOS 15.8.2


The same, it doesn’t work specifically on old versions🤔

Well I’m on an IPad mini 4

It seems like the moment apple and OpenAI announced cooperation iphones of „older phones“ like iphone 7, who have no support from apple anymore, were stopped from also using it via browser.

This seems to happen as something about the openAI website was updated that doesn’t work anymore specifically for apple phones without support. Independent of the browser.

Very fishy.

I mean i have a windows computer for much longer than this joke of a phone that can’t even send pictures via bluetooth, can’t block ads on youtube like EVERY android phone can & can’t even block popups effectively. (13 years now i have the computer) and there was never a support question & all the websites still work.

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