Can plagiarism with ChatGPT be stopped?

I’m guessing that most of you already know that after ChatGPT was released most students started using ChatGPT to cheat. Most students negatively view AI, they view it as another way to cheat for exams. This problem, at least for me, is really serious.
Having an AI assistant who will always answer your questions and do whatever you ask it to do will of course discourage students from trying to do work by themselves leading to the loss of two essential skills you must have for the future; critical thinking and creativity. I am not saying that ChatGPT is bad, but it is bad in some ways thinking that it can ruin the future of the students. And I want to change this.
I want something that can make a positive impact on students without banning AI.
What if ChatGPT strictly bans the use of ChatGPT for people who are under 20? What if there is a verification that can truly prevent students from accessing ChatGPT?
If there is, I believe that can prevent several students from using ChatGPT, but at this point, you might wonder can not using ChatGPT benefits the students.
For that, I thought that it would be practical if there was a ChatGPT for students that doesn’t give the answer right away but helps you figure out the answer on their own which I think will be much more effective than just a normal ChatGPT in which you can ask answers for immediately.
I am just a student and I wrote this without reading through this again. However, I hope the idea was clear and I wish this could be real someday.

There are two kinds of people: those who have ideas and those who don’t. ChatGPT can write text if you provide a unique idea; there’s no need to copy. You should give it as many details as possible about your idea.

If you ask it to write a complete thesis on a specific topic from scratch, that’s a mistake. But if you provide a lot of details on what that thesis should contain, specifying that you want it to be original, then ChatGPT can assist you in writing it.

Not everyone is skilled at writing, but many have excellent ideas. As for plagiarism, don’t worry. Extensive plagiarism has occurred even before ChatGPT.

It’s foolish to use ChatGPT to detect plagiarism because it violates user privacy. No one has the right to know what I ask ChatGPT to write.

Furthermore, I repeat, plagiarism has always existed. Just check the biographical sources of a book, and you’ll see how many sources the author “drew inspiration from.” Many university professors have written their books this way: they copied various information from dozens of sources but cited them in the bibliography or footnotes to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

In short, those who want to commit plagiarism will do it anyway, and they can even do it legally, as demonstrated in the method above.

However, I consider that the originality of ideas is more important than rendering them in writing. Because they are people with brilliant ideas, but who do not write very artistically. And there are people who write super beautifully, but there is nothing interesting about their story.