Can I use the assistant to build a smart assistant for a specific field of expertise?

I am currently using the Assistant API to build a chatbot for my field of expertise, which could be multiple disciplines. I understand that operating the Assistant API involves creating a thread, then creating a message and using ‘run’ to send questions to the OpenAI system.

My idea is to build a thread for a specific domain, using the upload files API to upload knowledge files related to that particular domain to the thread. Is this approach feasible? My desire is to have one thread corresponding to each specific field of expertise. My users would create messages to ask questions related to the field they are interested in, and the answers would include the knowledge that I have imported.

Thank you all for your supports

I think you’d have to create an assistant for a specific domain (uploading knowledge files to that assistant), and then create a new thread for that assistant when user wants to ask something related to that particular domain.
As far as I understand (someone please correct me if I’m wrong), you should look at threads as one “user session”. So, one thread would be one conversation with the assistant, and it has all previous messages stored in it.

Maybe have a look at this: Assistant API best practice

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As @syntichsizer says, threads are “sessions” of a chat, so you couldn’t have a single thread for multiple users, however, if you play a little with the parameters of each thread you could have a thread generated to which you pass a file and for that single thread have that required knowledge.