Can I use gpt-4-vision-preview API in my production app

With enterprise license, can I use vision APIs in Production environemt? ‘preview’ word is confusing me. I’ve done my POC, and now its time to make it to production.

Reading about the Be My Eyes writeup, it seems to imply that they use the GPT-4V preview model within their app.


Just be aware of rate-limits and that it might go down / change with or without notice. Depends on how many users you’re expecting?

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In addition to the great answers above, you are aware that your production app may break any time when OpenAI is making changes to either the API or the behavior of the model.

Properly accounting for this case is surely possible and it’s something to be aware of.

Since you are on a Enterprise plan, maybe it’s a good idea to get your own instance of the model to mitigate this risk?

Early partner in GPT-4 computer vision did not have to suffer the trials of a “turbo” AI model. They got a full GPT-4 model with computer vision that we have not seen.

The vision model like the other preview comes with the caveat, “This is a preview model version and not suited yet for production traffic”.

It doesn’t say you are prohibited from developing applications and placing them in customer facing situations, however, the rate limit and yet unannounced changes may curtail your plans and user experience.