Can I use fine tuning on the free trial?

Can I use fine tuning without adding payment method? For example, on explore plan?


If you have enough credits? Not sure. If you find out, let us know!

Do you have an account already to test? Probably can’t without billing details, I’d imagine…


I’m still didn’t understand the system of the credit and tokens, but I have 4,98$ on my account right now. So I think that will be enough

Yep, you need billing details added and to be at tier level 1, I believe.


I mean you can try a small test run to see if it works?

Likely will have to add billing information, though.

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I tried it in open ai playground, and it showed error.
So, how I understand now, because of billing information

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Will it write off any amount for verification?


I don’t believe so. I would say no.


So, if I add my card, I can use fine-tuning without any subscriptions and payments?

As long as billing info is valid yes. If you make a mistake and training would cost more than your balance, it will access your billing info and charge you and you can only limit it to 100 USD daily IIRC

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Hi, I was reading the forum looking for some info obout the fine tunning and the potetial extra payments. Just to make sure, would I be able in some manner to tune GPT for free just adding my credit card.
And about passing the free limit, is there a way to avoid the asociated payment like setting a usage limit on my occount or something similar?