Can I use Custom GPTs externally by calling them with HTTP post from Power automate?

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I want to use my custom GPTs externally via MS Power automate by http post step as I attach in the attachment. Normally with this step I can do queries but is there a way to run my prompts over my custom gpts?

This violates OpenAI’s terms of service.

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You can use the Assistants API.

Custom GPTs are part of ChatGPT and not the OpenAI API offering.

You can probably integrate custom GPTs, but just not on the Power BI side. Instead, you can call the relevant part of Microsoft’s Power BI API endpoints from within custom GPTs.


Hi sps I think I couldn’t ask question right. I am building my own custom gpt with attached technical documents. What I want to do is ask questions about those documents to gpt over power automate.

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I see.

Using the assistants API requires more complex operations than just sending a prompt (which exists on the completions API). You’d have to create an assistant with the KB, and then create a thread with the message to be sent to the OpenAI Assistants API.
Then request a run.
Then you’d have to poll the run for a response.

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Thank you for so quick responses, I did over thread actually. When I refresh play ground I saw my message delivered to gpt how ever I have to click run manually is there a command to run? And get back the answer?
Second question is there a way to create different threads by http post. What I am trying to do is merge MS teams chat over power automate to gpt and response back. Does For each engineer who uses this bot requiere different thread?

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Yes! You can create threads, assistants and runs from their respective endpoints.

All of them are listed here

Unless you want every engineer to be reading and writing to the same chat, every one of them has to be on a different thread.

I have found this, I can create thread with this one but, how can I create under specific assistant because it doesn’t have any information about linking created thread with assistant.

I found it out thank you. To help rest of the people who are looking for the solution it is actually explained here. Thank you for sharing.

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