Can I help OpenAI add my country's language to ChatGPT's voice mode?

Hey OpenAI team,

I’m from Afghanistan, but currently, I’m in Canada. I’ve been using ChatGPT for a year, and I’ve had a great experience with this amazing AI. Recently, I was testing its new features, including voice mode and live language translation. It knows so many languages, which is amazing. However, when I tried to speak in my native language, Pashto, it said, “I can translate it for you, but in text, not in voice.” Then I tried to teach it live, but it said it couldn’t do that. I know this is currently the case, but I just wanted to ask.

I have an idea: is there any way that I can help you guys add Pashto to the voice mode? This way, ChatGPT could translate my language (Pashto) live.

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