Can I get Keywords, intents, contexts and prefernces of what I aksed thru OpenAI API

If I ask [top 5 love novel in US in this season] thru OpenAI API,
Can gpt-3.5-Turbo provide me Ke,ywords, intents, contexts and prefernces of [top 5 love novel in US in this season]?Here keyward like love novel, US, this season and intent is to get novel list and context this season means fall or autumn etc.

The keywords here are “this season”.

The AI hasn’t been trained on knowledge any newer than near the end of 2021, so it’s not going to be able to answer questions about recent literature.

You’d have to do some advanced providing of information to the AI, like give it functions where it can search the web, try to discover that information, like the function that are built into ChatGPT browse with Bing.

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The timeline really causes the biggest issue here. Having not been trained on data post-2021, it would be not possible or very wrong.

However, if you were to provide it with text from the novel and then ask it do undertake that analysis on the that, it should be able to do so. The performance though, would depend on how you structure and send the prompt back to OpenAI

So I asked Bing for the latest top 5 love novel in the US. Initially, it was happy to oblige and responded, “Sure, here are some…” and it started streaming the response. I got a glimpse of the description of the first book and it contains “BDSM…” and immediately Bing changed its mind, erased everything and replied “My mistake, I can’t give a response to that right now. Let’s try a different topic.”. It was hilarious.

It made me think. If I am going to implement this in API, I will be using some external source like Google Search/Bing Search, NY Times or some other list provider. The initial prompt is not a problem and will pass the moderation endpoint. But the response from the external source should also be run under moderation endpoint before sending to the API for summary since it could potentially raise flags like what it did here.

So, I changed my request and ask for the latest top 5 popular novel in the US and got a response.