Can I generate Long Books on using Chat GPT?

Hello, Can I generate Long Books on Spirituality using Chat GPT? Long Books of around 300 pages - 90,000 words? If Yes can anyone please guide me how? Please guide. Thank you.

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The short answer is that you can’t achieve this in one go.

Any response is restricted to a maximum output of 4096 tokens.

What you can implement though is an iterative process. To describe in a simplified fashion: you would first define individual sections for the book (by yourself or with the help of GPT models) and then iteratively have the model create the detailed text for each section. All outputs are then consolidated to form the full book. There are certain nuances regarding how to do this to achieve better results but this would be the basic idea.

(Note: Given the tag you used I assumed that you referred to the API and not the ChatGPT interface)


Thanks a lot for Replying. Actually i got misguided with many ads on Facebook and Instagram saying generate books in less than an hour.

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Well, it’s a bit difficult to put an exact time stamp against it but it is not impossible to achieve it one hour.

The main point is that in one API call you will on balance only be able to generate between 700-900 words. To get to 300 pages, you’ll need quite a few API calls. You can run them in parallel to speed up the process. Again, the devil is in the details.

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Yeah, we’re not there yet.

I can do about 40k edited a day, but the quality is a lot higher than “push button make money” type of services…

Don’t think of it as a magic button - think of it as a force multiplier. :wink:

ETA: I’ve been thinking of doing a thread documenting my progress and process, but I’m not sure if there’s interest?


I’d be very interested to see your process.