Can I Copy Action from others?

I would like to combine my action with actions of some other GPTs. Some of them or public (like webpilot), but many arent’t, even when their api is public. I do not want to reinvent the wheel, is there some way how to copy acton definition from some other GPT? (e.g. i guess it sends request from the user computer, so via listening to queries in browser…)


There have been some indications that the next steps of Assistants/GPTs is interactivity between each-other. Nothing confirmed though.

I think it will eventually depend on the backend API endpoints… do they require authentication or are they public, “free for all”.

You can create a customized GPT model and develop a Breeb (a knowledge capsule), which will enable your GPT model to access and utilize the information contained within the Breeb.
My post about Breebs.