Can i build and publish a plugin name / use case that already published by others?

I have noticed that many plugins are being published solely for the purpose of obtaining backlinks or generating more visitors. Some of these plugins claim to offer specific use cases that I am interested in, but upon using them, I discovered that they are not genuine GPTs; they are simply created to promote their own domains or brand names.

Now, here’s my question: I found two individuals who have created plugins for one particular use case, but neither of them have provided an API or any action options. Instead, they just include an introductory prompt that promotes their own brand. However, I have the knowledge and ability to create 6-7 actions that would work with these plugins and offer real useful and new data to openai. My concern is whether or not I can create a plugin for this use case without it being considered a duplication.

I am asking this question before starting to build the actions because it requires both time and energy. If I were to complete the work and then have it deleted or rejected, I would be very upset. thanks in advance.