Can GPT-3 mine and study books/knowledge bases and offer critiques on my book based on what it studied like a professional critic would?

If so what would I have to do?

this might get you started


Fiction or nonfiction?

well both but right now
1.non fiction I want it to analyze my story with fictional characters but the story is based on real life. I want it to tell me if its worth proceeding the story into a full book so I just want to feed it the “blueprints” storyboardof it/the whole story explained in a condensed summary.
2. I also want to make youtube scripts/video essays.

Well, I’ve made a YouTube career out of trying to solve those problems :sweat_smile:

They are not trivial problems, so it’s important to know where you’re at. How much progress have you made? What have you tried so far?

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to be honest, i havent really tried anything. I just wanted to know if its possible or not so i can work on it. Wanted links thrown at me and where to get started and all that.