Can Chat GPT4 use external apps such as plagiarism checker and AI generated content checker?

I’m very new to the whole Chat GPT4 and trying to find my way through.
I have been recommended to jump on here and questions to see if anyone else had any luck.

I would like to use Chat GPT4 to pass through a question & answer and detect if the answer is a plagiarised answer or if it’s an AI generated answer. I have tried feeding the link to it but it doesn’t seem like it can connect to it.
I even tried asking Chat GPT4 to let me know if I could integrate it and it said I would need the API of the app but the apps I am using don’t provide an API to connect. :frowning:

I don’t have to use the apps I am currently using as long as Chat GPT can connect and use the app to provide a good level of accuracy regarding plagiarism and an AI generated content.

If anyone had any luck with this could you please share your experience and make some suggestions if possible?

Btw, I’m not a developer. I am a user so nothing too technical please? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you in advance.