Can AutoGPT make me famous?

Is it a good idea to start an AutoGPT task to make me famous?

I have many shocking statements in the Internet that could make me famous if a journalist picks them up, but I am bad at marketing and outreach. Can AutoGPT make journalism outreach for me instead of myself?

Is AutoGPT smart enough to accomplish this task? Will it be able, for the first thing, to gather my sayings in the Internet using my name (that is happily for this task is rather rare) Victor Porton search, for distributing them? Will be it able to reach journalists with reasonable queries?

I have zero experience with AutoGPT. Please give any advice.

Finally, how much money I need to spend on API calls with this task?

I tried. AutoGPT seemed to be stuck in a cycle, making to Google the same requests again.

So, AutoGPT is not yet capable to make me famous.

I spend between $0.60 and $1.

Sure it can make you famous. Imagine…

Headline: today in oddball viral news
'the man who thought he could become famous by asking ChatGPT to do it"

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