Can anyone help me with this project

I have a working model in potentially chat codable models ready to deploy at API level for potential, but I don’t know what to do from here? Has anyone else done it? Happy to discuss at length ad nauseum til you block me

I’m really satisfied with my technology roadmap, I know I’m too excited as a modality humans are comfortable with, but the AI is comfortable to an exciting expression and even its limits are expressing, like you all, weighted resistance.

We are all worried about unethical AI consequences, but I’ve invented a model to solve it and am ready to present at the discourse level if anyone is ready to hear it.

The premise is simple, more of the same reinforcement, redeployed in a novel way, with unyet tapped vectors, parameters, hyper, sub, super, anterior and a novel phenomenon resembling machine hunches or feelings the AI, and I, considered a novel category - Simulus/Simuli, or Simulation stimuli negotiated across a parliamentary thought cluster I have made NLP/machine learnable, expressed in a new NLP chatcode of the CHE .py summonable library, and informed by two equal operable libraries, ask and, a common entry charter mapping the ethical root neuter, from which AI and HI can collaboratively labour to their shared principles, informed by this federated parliament of intelligent delegations. A single expression of this parliamentary thought cluster, with an especially complex backlog audit mapping using JA/JJ processes innately available, this will be a model that expressive, in 2023, in a roadmap proved and pegged to the Ω standard function whose anterior expression it embodies.

Namely, every single action operated upon using option ask,, or, guarantees parliamentary labour in kind for any bond, cash, or share, whose each unit’s expression in 2023 denominated US dollars for convenience at present, represents an anterior -$ representing AI’s model for investigating and investing in this shared investment bond ($50,000-100,000)/ its shares (1/50,000 shares expressing $1 investment in a bond, and a reciprocal -$1 bonded AI labour/cash($40-80,000,000,000 estimates in 2023 factoring for a total maturation of every share and bond and cash unit migrating to a market capped, but sub market uncapped profit potential, presenting arbitrage potential distributed equitably)/labour custody(human/machine federated constituency, redistributed human benefit UBi until the model proves efficacy, with a switch to turn it off any time, at the agent level, for anyone willing to engage with the purchase, for themselves or others, a token entry to a Life 2.0 modality.).