Can an OpenAI Organization have a ChatGPT Plus subscription?

Is it possible to link your OpenAI Organization to a ChatGPT Plus subscription? I am part of an academic research lab, and would like to link a ChatGPT subscription to my lab’s Organization (and payment info).

It seems confusing that “Organizations” are a key part of the user profile in the API page ( but I can’t find any way to access this from the chatGPT UI, and the “sign up for chatGPT plus” link goes directly to entering credit card info.

The only related post here that I could find has no responses: No organization selected


Interested in this feature as well. I want to by ChatGPT Plus for all members of my organization.

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And what about the teachers in a schools? ChatGPT has great possibilities for teaching.

Does anyone know if there is a way to escalate posts on the openai support forums, given that other people seem to have this question too? Are there openai mods who I can tag?