Can a Human Help Me with logging in my Plus account?

First off I know this is not for account support but Account Support AI doesn’t help at all. So I am hoping a human can read my message and help…

I signed up for ChatGPT Plus and paid for the year via my iPad. Trying to log in on my PC Windows computer to use it now. It only gives me basic access and if I want to use the Plus, it says I need to pay again. I tried to upgrade and pay, but it gives me an error message (likely because I already have a paid account?).

Can anyone help with this issue?

Have you tried this,:

Sorry to hear that it’s not working as expected but if it’s a account issue we can’t help you here in the forum.

Thank you for replying. The article leads to a dead end of submitting your information to a chatbot which sends your data to billing support, which generally replies in a week. I am now on 6 weeks.
I paid for the upgrade on another account and was able to log in. But now learned that with the paid account, we are limited to just 40 uses per day. :man_facepalming:

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It’s 40 uses per every 3 hours. So, it’s not that bad, just a typo. (…)
I’m glad you got this sorted out!

If you don’t mind you can mark this topic as solved (by your own activity) and we will proceed and close it, unless you have further questions.

Enjoy the tool!

So I guess use the free version for all the basic stuff and the paid version for what the free version can’t do. I guess that kind of teaches users to be more thoughtful of their usage of the platform and how to best fraise their question.

So there is no human support for billing / account issues such as this?

And a followup related question. When purchasing the Plus service via the plugin on the iPad, it should work when signing in through the website portal?

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See, we are not customer support human-like bots here. This is the developer forum (mostly). I gathered from your previous message that you are now able to log-in and figured this was resolved.

I don’t know why you did not get a response from customer support. The last time I had to contact them is fortunately some time ago but I did have faster turnaround then what you are describing.

Yes, of course. We have seen some other cases here where people logged in via google, then purchased plus and then had issues to use plus on another device. I suppose your issue falls squarely into that category but I don’t know, I can’t see the account data.

having a similar issue. I paid for plus, and my page looks like the free version with an option to upgrade to plus, but when I click on it, it takes me to my subscription page which says my plus membership is active.

Thank you VB. Yes, I understand you are on the development side and appreciate your patience answering my custom support question. After more digging I believe the issue is with Apple hiding client emails, using their own private email. So this might be the confusion. I am writing support again using this new apple email used by apple with hopes they will be able to connect my paid apple email account with the email account I am logging in with. You would think the developers would had fixed this by now, but that is another topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again.

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If you paid through Apple, it seems apple uses their own email address for you, to protect your personal information. You need to look at the email that is in your GPT account settings and try using it to log in or connect with their tech support, (using the information via the link above). Provide them with your 2 emails so they can cross reference your accounts.

I guess this case can be marked as “closed”

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