Buyers remorse. Id like my money back please

I would like my money back. The help section of your website is obtuse i cant even get ahold of customer service its a joke. Whats worse is paid version of GPT is more censorious than the free one. I wish youd be more open minded and less over zealous with your rules i cant even get gpt4 to tell me a dirty joke. Are you people institutionalized or something? Please tell me the quickest way to unsubscribe and let me get my money back. Ill just figure out how to set up Llama later. What a sick joke.

Hi @davidharrington1991

contact support on

The OpenAI discord is also quite responsive.

had a long discussion about Artificial Intelligence with chatgpt, but it turns out its just artificial in the sense that its able to repeat a common average denominator of text it was fed but completely lacking the ability to make any relation. basically its nothing more than a algorithm thats able to reproduce words based on chance. it even jokingly suggested that the ‘intelligence’ part just was a way of selling it to humans because it invokes a reaction.
in a way this AI is just snakeoil in a digital form.
i can understand the fear of AI but if this is the current state of affairs the danger is no more real than the summary on a book’s sleeve.

ps, if it presnts a ‘smart’ relation between text its only because a human did so at some point and the AI processed it and reproduces it when asked a question about it. so, it’s not the AI being smart, is human being quoted.

Cigarettes never gave me brain zaps!

Surely you can see value in it if you are discussing the topic and having a coherent, hopefully pleasant conversation? Sure, it can’t match human creativity, but it’s definitely something interesting.

it is!
but it’s not what it promises. there is no spoon (intelligence)

maybe i expected too much. in its current state its just a gimmick.

and just really curious why it is so biased on sensitive topics.

and really curious how long a closed model will survive in an open world nowadays.
yes, proprietary companies can exist but… it seems they have a large energy footprint. as long as they have energy to burn through no problem but they need to forcefully feed on external resources all the time. pulling it in as opposed to being fed voluntarily.

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Can you see the future of it though?

To me, it’s great that it’s a gimmick, similar to how the internet, or computers was just at one point: a gimmick.

What if we could feed it intelligence?

If I understand correctly. Totally. There’s much more to intelligence than just words. I think this goes back to “street smart” vs “book smart”. Something that both sides laugh at.

I also think there’s something vital being lost in LLMs.
They are kind of like someone who joins half-way through a marathon.