Busy signal shouldn't count against quota

Display ChatGPT Usage Transparently

Issue 1: Displaying Usage Status

  • Problem Description: Subscribers can’t see how many conversations they have left on v4.
  • Current Behavior: The interface does not show the usage status or the remaining conversation limit.
  • Expected Behavior: The interface should provide a transparent usage tracker, showing the number of conversations remaining.
  • Suggested Resolution: Implement a usage tracker on the user interface, either as a progress bar or a numerical display, to indicate the number of conversations remaining. Another approach would be to follow midjourney and allow a command like /status or /account to show stats.

Issue 2: Add Busy Status Indicator

  • Problem Description: Users can’t tell if ChatGPT is busy processing another question (this can happen when there’s an error in generating a reply).
  • Current Behavior: There is no visual indication to show when the engine is busy.
  • Expected Behavior: The interface should display a visual indicator when the engine is busy.
  • Suggested Resolution: Add a visual indicator, such as a red dot or stop sign, on the input tab when the engine is busy. Alternatively, provide a text-based status message to inform users about the engine’s availability.

Issue 3: Busy signal shouldn’t count against quota

  • Problem Description: A busy signal is counted against the user’s conversation quota, which is perceived as unfair and opaque.
  • Current Behavior: Busy signals count against the user’s 25-conversation limit, reducing their available quota.
  • Expected Behavior: Busy signals should not be counted towards the conversation quota.
  • Suggested Resolution: Modify the system to exclude busy signals from the quota and display this exclusion transparently to the user, e.g., through a message or by updating the usage tracker accordingly.