Bulk Conversation Management and Smart Deletion Suggestions!


I am a frequent user of the Chat GPT Premium interface, and I have a couple of feature suggestions that I believe would greatly enhance the user experience.

  1. Bulk Deletion/Archiving of Conversations: It would be incredibly useful to have a feature that allows users to delete or archive multiple conversations simultaneously. This would help in managing and organizing conversations more efficiently, especially for users with a large number of interactions.
  2. Smart Conversation Analysis and Deletion Suggestions: Another helpful feature would be an automated system that analyzes old conversations and suggests which ones could be deleted based on user-specified parameters such as inactivity or relevance. This would not only keep the conversation history clean and relevant but also showcase the practical abilities of ChatGPT. Such a feature would be incredibly useful on the ChatGPT interface and would be a dream to have in email and file managers.

I believe these features would significantly improve the usability and functionality of the interface. Thank you for considering my suggestions. I look forward to seeing how OpenAI continues to innovate and enhance its offerings.