Build a tutor bot

Hallo everybody,
Did any one tried to build a reversed chatbot, where the bot ask users questions and evaliuate the input answer accourding to a reference answer, and arguing whether the input is correct or not?

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@daveshapautomator has some videos on the topic.

Not sure if there’s specifically one that asks questions of the users instead of the other way around. Might be fun to build, though! Let us know if you go forward with it.

Hi Mr.Paul,
Thank you for the links. It is really interesting, I have been trying the same technique for a while, it is really nice, but still does not fulfill what is in my mind.
The idea is already implemented in the university where I work. The chat flow is built on a deterministic graph starting by a general question about the topic (math class) studed in the previous week and followed by more questions. THe system accepts student answers by detecting keywords. It takes tedious effort to finish a question set for one topic, and one needs to discuss each situation separately. Moreover, it fails to handle negated sentences, and the word order.
I am happy to hear if anyone have ideas to automite the process or would like to discuss the current sytem.