Bugged gpt-4 limit (plus)?

I’ve noticed I can’t find anything that says what message limit I have for gpt-4 anymore, but I’ve been using gpt-4o pretty happily over the last few days, until at one point in my thread I got frustrated and switched for gpt-4 for literally only 3 responses until the UI told me that I hit the limit for gpt-4 and that it switched back to gpt-4o…

I guess it’s a bug? Or maybe something I can’t understand?

Thank you,

I am having the same issues! The new limitation on GPT-4 is ridiculous. I am paying for this service which is completely USELESS now. GPT-4 o gives me BS answers for my coding tasks. So I need GPT-4 which worked reliably before, but with only 2 messages per day you are not getting anywhere. I will cancel this subscription if the issue doesn’t resolve. Severely disappointed!