Bug with link from knowledge base

chatgpt transform link from KB from “https://link_dot_com” to “[https://link_dot_com] ( https://link_dot_com)”. how we can fix it?

What seems to be the problem with that?

These links are not displayed correctly in the telegram (formatting doesn’t work)

So change the formatting?

Either ask the model to not present the links in markdown or, better, just reformat any markdown links yourself.

What language are you working in?

I ask the model not to format the links. It helps, but not always

KB in Russian, prompt in English

What programming language.

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programming language – python

Now we have solved the problem with a regular expression, but is it possible to solve this using a prompt?

No. And I’m not sure why you would want to.

As you’ve already discovered—the models are stochastic—it’s not possible to guarantee they will always, 100% adhere to whatever instructions you give them.

Post-processing the output is the correct way to handle this situation.

In fact, even if you had a prompt that seemed to work all the time, I’d still recommend post-processing.

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