Bug: unable to send messages

Hello. Today I am having troubles in interacting with chatgpt. Basically I try to send a message but it is not sent for some reason. The message remains in “the area where you write” and the arrow “send” becomes grey, like after you actually send a message. So I cannot press “send” again, even if i rewrite the message in the box. Sometimes it works when I refresh the page, but then it blocks again after the second message. The weird thing is that it happens in my 2 PCs but not with the app in my iPhone, which works fine. I tried several things to fix it:

  • Changing computer (both have W10)
  • Deleting chat history
  • Changing language
  • Restarting both computers many times
  • Refreshing the page
  • Closing all chatgpt chats in my devices minus the one that i’m using

I’m also a Plus use if it can be helpful. Here is the image of the chat