Bug report: Unintentional input confirmation and enter key issues with Gboard in ChatGPT Android app

Since yesterday there is a bug in the ChatGPT Android app where Gboard input is unintentionally confirmed before the prediction is complete. In addition, there are frequent cases where the Enter key is accidentally pressed, causing unwanted line breaks.

This bug persists even when the command prompt is in full-screen mode.

Since this problem does not occur in other applications when using Gboard, it is believed to be a bug in the user interface of the ChatGPT application rather than a problem with Gboard itself.

This bug has been reproduced with all types of Gboard prediction modes I have tested, including the Japanese 12-key, QWERTY, and Korean key layouts.

Frankly, this problem renders the application unusable. This is a critical bug that needs to be fixed immediately.