Bug Report - Members are able to invite more people into Workspace (Team plan)

We recently moved some of our accounts from the Plus plan to the Teams plan because of the additional message limit and to manage the billing and access more efficiently.

I invited some of our team members from the Main Workspace (Owner) account and assigned “Member” rights to all of these people. To my surprise, all these members had the right and ability to invite more people to the workspace.

Not much documentation is available in this regard, and keeping everything in perspective it’s hard to believe that the system would be designed in this way because this action would simply literally kill the purpose of having a management module and console.

So, is it just me or are you guys also facing this similar bug? I’ve already reported it to the support through the chat message, but waiting for a response.


Same for my team :confused: Have you got any reply?

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has this been fixed yet? 1234567890

No. It’s by design, apparently.