Bug report - links are usually not clickable, and your bot is not honoring memorized instructions

Full information, with example here:

See chatgpt com/share/f6c12a79-0983-4c10-a80c-825203f5dde1
(Put the dot^^ back) - observe the “Zyxware” “link”…

I’ve reported this bug many times - not sure why you’re not fixing it? That’s probably another bug report or two in its own right:-

  1. You’re not reading or taking action on bug reports.
  2. There’s no obvious place to report bugs.

This is not a support request. If this is the wrong place to post this bug, let us all know the right place (don’t just close/delete/whatever this posting). Some examples of what appear to be the wrong place:

  1. emailing support (robot auto-responder tell us the address is the wrong thing to use, and no bugs get fixed)
  2. using the site chat-bot (has no category for bugs)
  3. Asking GPT itself (gives answers which do not work)
  4. anyplace on the website (at least - nothing I can find for non-security issues)

Unfortunately, there is not a great way to get a bug reported.

What I can tell you is that this is not a model issue, but rather an application issue.

The model is returning a clickable link, the render which is responsible for ensuring model-generated links are not clickable for safety reasons appears to have over reached.

Here is the model output,

And what is being rendered,

So, we’ve at least narrowed down what the root issue is… even if that doesn’t really help us much.

As to your issue with the model not following your instructions, it probably cannot. There’s a hierarchy of instructions the model must follow,

  • platform
  • developer
  • user
  • assistant
  • tool

The instruction to produce the clickable links will be either platform or developer messages—partly to ensure proper attribution of sources when performing search retrieval.

You absolutely will not be able to countermand these instructions in ChatGPT.

So that piece, at least, is not a bug as it’s by design.

In your shared chat, I do see the Zyxware link is clickable in the list of searched pages, so it’s not an unrecoverable bug, however annoying it may be.

I’ll ask around though and see if there is perhaps somewhere to report ChatGPT web-application bugs I’m not aware of.