BUG: Assistant AI Profile Randomly Resets!

I had a assistant AI that was setup to be and admin and another setup to be a user facing chatbot.

In the platform GUI here I noticed that today my profile had been reset, the description and even tools (functions) were replaced with the chatbots assistant!!!

There is no revert back or way to get my old description instructions back!! I noticed this happened a few weeks ago as well with different assistants I was working on.

If you are an OpenAI employee you should be able to find the bug by looking at assistant id: asst_rXcB5bPYMFRO9rAWTtV28Tba

You will see that yesterday it was correct and today it was automatically updated for some reason to the chatbot assistant’s configuration: asst_VFDtnPXYMsdoDAOQD6ufwaP0


This is unacceptable if I was to use this in a deployed production environment and your guys bug is changing my assistant configurations without my knowing!