BTC LDK intergration

Hello, Im looking to incorporate lightning LDK with OpenAI. Please share thoughts and suggestions on best ways to achieve this. End goal is to simply combine LDK with any manner of things.

There’s a Python LDK wrapper. What do you want to accomplish? Words in exchange for micropayments?

Hello sorry for late reply. How long would it take you to complete the task?

I think we would need to talk on the phone and possibly do some writing to define the tasks more carefully. Let me start by asking what you want to do. Are you focused on using OpenAi to make Lightning more user-friendly – e.g. more responsive user messages, labels, etc. – or are you looking to create digital artifacts via OpenAI and sell them or otherwise transfer them via Lightning?

To specifically answer your question, it’s likely that the best approach would be to break things down into small chunks, probably less than a week each, and proceed on a pay-as-you go, are we both happy yet? status, where you could call time whenever you see fit.

Thanks for responding I’m looking to create something super simple for devs to be able to add lightning to any app

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Do you mean to make it possible for devs to add lightning to their apps that use OpenAI? Or do you mean using OpenAI / Codex to generate the code that developers would use to add lightning to their existing apps and websites? Or something else? Can you give me a use case with a very specific example of an actual(ish) person and a particular product and goal?

If it’s the first, the Python binding I mentioned earlier gets you 90% of the way there. If it’s the second, it’s a bit more effort, but it’s definitely doable.

The second one is the ultimate goal. But I would like to do the 1st thing you mentioned to see how well it comes out.

Can I ask a little about your background & business situation? In particular do you have an app that you would like to test #1 with? I have lots of OpenAI apps that I could try to integrate with lightning but you’d probably get more for your money doing one of them.

Ok sure I’d like to see some of your work also…what apps do you have that you would want to incorporate lightning?

The apps are visible at To see them all you’ll need to set up a user id. You can also see some interesting stuff at

The most expedient scenarios for me would be:

  • user uses Lightning to subscribe to a service that provides OpenAi completions with a metered quota.

  • user generates a live NFT using OpenAI, then purchases it using Lightning.

So we don’t get too far out of sync, I should mention that have an hourly consulting rate that is consistent with market rates for experienced programmers. However, I’ve found it’s better to do value pricing with a series of deliverables.