"Bronze statues don't bleed" and other AI-generated proverbs

As we know, GPT-3 performs flawlessly when the tasks are simple, well-defined, and iterative. For this exercise, I fed 20 Nepali proverbs into the engine, and witnessed how the AI slowly managed to mimic and aemulate the structure of a proverb. A simple trick, but I was stunned by the outcome!

This is a selection of completely AI-generated proverbs with their meaning:

Reading a book hides the flame on the stove — To do other things will distract from the task.
The one who unties the knot is the same who tied it — A person who forgives also is one who committed a mistake and was forgiven.
Sometimes the captain is the cause of the sinking — The leader/authority can be the reason for failure.
Don’t use a knife to grind sesame — Don’t use a tool for a purpose it’s not meant for.
The war is not over until the war drum is broken — A war is not over until the last soldier surrenders or is killed.
Wield the sword and mind your bracelet — Protecting the body with a weapon that can harm oneself.
Horns and helmets don’t mix well — There is no place for people with different interests to work together, like a priest and a soldier.
Bronze statues don’t bleed — The dead cannot defend themselves.
Torn shoes are better than broken feet — An imperfect decision is better than no decision.
Standing still in a playground won’t attract any marbles — Easy profits must not be expected to come to you.

(Notice how a certain thematic field (war and violence) wove its way into the generated outcome.)

For this, and more experiments, take a look at my Medium account: Bronze statues don’t bleed. 20 enigmatic proverbs generated by AI | by Thomas Buÿsens | data-driven fiction | Dec, 2021 | Medium