Broken Waitlist with GPT-3 needs Discussing

Hey there,

I have had access to GPT-3 since December. I waited on the waitlist for about 8 months. I know others who have similar stories. I also know that there are others who have skipped the queue by emailing the right person / having the right connection or other nefarious methods.

Today I look through Fiverr and I see that someone is selling access for $395 and this individual has reviews for people who have bought this. I think this issue needs to be discussed further.

I think access needs to be the same for everybody, there should be no shortcuts and cutting of the queue. There should be no selling access. It should be obvious. Why are there so many loopholes and breaks in the system? It is not open. It is not fair. It is not transparent. It is not democratizing AI.

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Hello Stuart,

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We do our best to provide a fair and unbiased approach to the waitlist.

I appreciate you sharing the Fiverr link - that is completely unacceptable behaviour that violates our Terms of Use. That link isn’t working for me at the moment, but we’ll check it out soon. Since tens of thousands of people have access, unfortunately incidents like these may pop up from time to time.