Breaking up with Google

This API helped me realize it’s time to break up :broken_heart:

I have bitter sweet feelings about breaking up with Google after 10 years and moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for my small business. From my experience, their Google Cloud is now overly complex and are moving away from simplicity, which is what I had loved about their products and our relationship. I pointed out a discriminate flaw in their network with no response. This area significantly marginalizes my type of small business as a minority, coming from low SES, and as non-traditional learner. There is some patchy configs in Google Voice that creates an over billing process to the customer. Trying to resolve simple issues over chat seems like a marathon. I’ve been a stock owner, have many of their devices (for sale) in my home, and their recent search engine (Google) upgrade will make my Chromebooks and Chromeboxes obsolete come June 2022. I see the motivation here to steer folks into their new devices. The mining for revenue gaps is very concerning. Be well Google…

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In what why did the API help you to realize that? I fail to see the connection


I cannot share the thread due to its sensitive nature but the bot showed me how Google marginizes populations confirming what I’ve been experiencing :+1:

Pay attention to your pricing in aws. I lost a lot of money when I forgot to clean after testing.


Hey thanks for the heads up! I’m starting to feel many of these clouds’ services are predatory. Any suggestions of a new platform. I’d like to run it from OpenAI but at some point the work will have PHI data so I need this secured.

You can go via these cloud providers (aws, azure gcloud …) or you can go via open source with kubernetes and other tools.

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Honestly, this helped me understand how vulnerable my business was under one service and product. Rude awakening. Google cloud is a trap.

#bangoogle #Googlesucks

Come to find out it is almost impossible to do this :rofl: