Bookmarking and Reminder Feature

This is related to the programmer. in every long conversation there will certainly be codes that are constantly changing, revised, working, not working, alternatives etc.

it would be very useful if the dialog box had the following features:

#1 bookmarking
(the benefit is that we can indicate which ones are working or not working).

  • Sample case:
    when we work with conditional logic. there will definitely be a Plan A, Plan B and so on.
    Sometimes we start the code with plan A, but there is a change in plan A, then we change the logic and switch to plan B. But it turns out that the logic is not optimal or wrong, so we have to return to plan A.

If the code is long, it will be very inconvenient if we have to check again which code is plan A and plan, which one is working and not, etc.

It would be convenient if there was a bookmarking feature so we could mark, this is plan A and this is plan B, this is working and this is not.

#2 reminder triggers for chatGPT
(the intent is to make it clear to chatGPT to start giving suggestions based on triggers or on text marked as a trigger).

Sample case:
– ChatGPT provides suggestions/answers:
phpcs --config-set installed_paths “[COMPOSER_PATH]/vendor/PHPCCompatibility/PHPCCompatibility,[COMPOSER_PATH]/vendor/phpcsstandards/phpcsextra,[COMPOSER_PATH]/vendor/phpcsstandards/phpcsutils,[COMPOSER_PATH]/vendor/wp-coding-standards/ wpcs”

the reminder trigger function is to prevent chatpgt from writing “[COMPOSER_PATH]” because [[COMPOSER_PATH]] should already contain the “path” that I have stated before so there is no need for chatgpt to suggest something he should know.