BoltAI — A ChatGPT client for Mac that focuses on automation

Hi everyone, first-time poster here and I’m a bit nervous :sweat_smile:

My name is Daniel. 5 months ago, I started learning SwiftUI and OpenAI API with the hope that I could land a good AI freelance gig.

I figured the best way to learn for me, is to learn by doing. So I decided to build BoltAI, a ChatGPT client for macOS that focuses on automation.

The first version looked super ugly :see_no_evil:

My idea back then was to be able to write an AI-assisted blog post completely within the Apple Notes app. Thus the MVP version of BoltAI focuses solely on Apple Notes integration with the ability to generate inline images (using Stable Diffusion via Replicate).

Little did I know, that the Accessibility APIs in macOS is one of the hardest APIs to work with. I used GPT-4 to ask every question regarding Swift, SwiftUI, Mac development, OpenAI API, Accessibility APIs, and GPT parameters… Basically everything.

I managed to launch the MVP regardless (was called BoltGPT)

It generated $500 or so the first month, not bad for a side project.

It looks something like this:

After a few iterations, my early users wanted a UI to store all these conversations. So I started adding more features: an AI Command feature that works similarly to Raycast AI, Content Redaction for better privacy, a Prompt Library, custom AI Assistants, a full Chat UI with Web Search, custom parameters, more LLM models…

Full ChatUI

Web Search:

AI Commands:

I’ve been building BoltAI in public and I’m aware that there are many ChatGPT clients for Mac now. Some with a lot more features than mine, but I’m happy that I was able to keep the UI clean while having a strong “why” on each feature.

If you’re looking for a clean, minimal, and powerful ChatGPT client for Mac, please give BoltAI a try. I would love to hear your feedback :pray: