Blog: How to create you own ChatGPT plugin! - How we created the Weaviate Retrieval Plugin

Hi Folks!
New Blog Post Alert!

Want to learn how to customize ChatGPT functionality by creating your own plugin? Read our new blog post: How to Create Your Own ChatGPT Plugin | Weaviate - vector database

We provide a detailed guide of how we developed the Weaviate Retrieval Plugin.

We also announce the Generative AI Hackathon at ODSC East we’re hosting in partnership with OpenAI in Boston on May 11th where you will get exclusive access to the plugin alpha and OpenAI API’s.



Hello Zain,

I would like to ask you when or if you’ll release the weaviate plug-in?

As far as I can tell no one created a plug-in for using a vectordb yet ( one that doesn’t require developer access ).