#blocktober level design prompts

I thought it would be fun to have GPT-3 come up with some level design prompts for #blocktober

This was my prompt

Write thirty prompts of level design prompts for #blocktober:

This was the completion:

  1. Explorers in the desert find an oasis.
  2. A deep cavern with a subterranean waterfall that cascades into a crystalline pool below.
  3. An ancient temple encrusted with vines, home to many exotic creatures and secrets of long lost civilizations.
  4. The ground rumbles as tremors shake the mountain range you are exploring, causing rockslides in every direction!
  5. A forgotten outpost where there is still electricity but no one has been for years
  6. The deepest, darkest reaches of the forest are not safe
  7. A waterlogged cavern with strange creatures lurking in its shadows
  8. Entering a new world through an ancient portal.
  9. Ancient Hieroglyphs lining the walls of an abandoned temple, hint at knowledge long lost to man
  10. A huge sprawling landmass shrouded by storms and rough seas.
  11. A once great civilization now abandoned and crumbling under the weight of large trees growing through its walls
  12. The bright centerpieces of a forgotten land, propped up by bamboo scaffolding
  13. Blowing dust from an old stone tablet reveals detailed carvings of lost lore
  14. Explorers in a cave encounter what appears to be a dragon’s treasure hoard!
  15. Ancient ruins, shrouded in mystery and cloaked in mist, unearthed after centuries beneath shifting sands
  16. A long-lost temple holding endless secrets that you must explore through clever puzzle solving!
  17. An underground vault where generations past hid their most prized possessions before being trapped for eternity as the entrance collapsed on itself… will you make it out alive? 2
    18 . Fantastic visuals from within colorful caverns or deep canyons with waterfalls cascading from cliff sides into pools below
  18. A map leading to a long lost land, found while scavenging an old shipwreck
  19. Greeted by ally villagers who offer trade and assistance early on in your journey!
  20. Trapped alone in the dark for centuries, this place emanates an eerie silence that can be felt right down to your bones
  21. In the depths of a sunless abyss you must navigate past traps and puzzles with only your flashlight as guidance
  22. A long lost temple in a vast desert, surrounded by sand dunes and the only sound is wind blowing through the empty streets
  23. You see a dark corridor before you with a small window lit at its end
  24. A mysterious forest filled with creatures who wish to do anything they can to keep outsiders out
  25. The ruins of a once great city, now in the process of being reclaimed by nature
  26. Flickering torches provide dim light as you explore an ancient and abandoned temple and notice something moving in the shadows
  27. Standing within a handmade labyrinth made from stone bricks, cobwebs and haystacks - can you find your way out?
  28. You enter into a small chamber where vines grow across one end, obscuring it entirely except for one small gap that glows with soft light
  29. A dense forest covered with fog where all sound is muffled but there is still some movement potentially present.
  30. A great alcove carved from stone with a small device humming in the center

I had the Token limit set to 1024, but even so, the engine would generate 2 or 3 prompts at a time and stop, so I had to send a new request.

I think the total token count in the end was 699, way below the limit set. Any ideas why the engine is stopping sooner?