Blocking email after creating an Openai account

I created an account with Open AI Chat GPT using my email address. From that day on, every half an hour there is an attempt to connect to my email address from Microsoft’s IP addresses, which it eventually blocks. What can I do with this ?

I deleted my Open AI account, but it didn’t help.

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The developer forum is not the correct place for ChatGPT support. Please use either website or OpenAI Discord.

I would like to know what you mean by “connect to my email address”. You mean perhaps an auth or verify mechanism than ensures a reverse lookup on the email subdomain works?

After creating an account in Open AI, every hour or so the Microsoft IP address connects to the mail server where I have an email account. After several attempts at such a connection, the mail server automatically blocks my account. I don’t know why, after creating an account in Open AI, the Microsot IP address systematically connects to my email account. Below is the log from the mail server:

023/10/09 11:35:38 [info] 866239#0: *21601259 upstream sent invalid response: “NO AUTHENTICATE failed” while reading response from upstream, client:, server:, login: [my email], upstream: (> <=> (>

Something is trying to log into your IMAP to check your mail. I’m not so sure that it would be OpenAI related, but maybe some other mail client left running with bad credentials.

It would be a very shady practice to try to probe emails to see if they exist by actually trying to do some data intrusion crime by logging in. Fun with bots: capture the password they are sending, put a dummy mailbox there, and put a few honeypot emails to let them scarf some data and see the pattern if authentication could be completed, if they sync mailboxes with IMAP.

Or fuzz the reply port with garbage when they connect.

Set Nessus loose on the IP address and see what they have open…they don’t have ping or http, telnet or ssh.

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