Blank outputs from dalle since yesterday

Hi there,

Since yesterday asking something to dalle3 (through premium subscription) gives me blank output like this.

Oddly enough using the api gets me back the error “billing_hard_limit_reached” which is not true, I’ve spent 4 dollars and my limit is 10. I have no clue about what is going on and can’t find other people having the same issue so far.

Thanks for your support.

Just checked the DALL-E GPT (for the first time). Seems to work. It defaults to two images.

You might refresh the browser window on your blank image conversation. Do another search for the GPT and start a new conversation with it to get the latest version instead of continuing a chat.

Hard limit is a setting you place yourself in the “limits” part of It is based on monthly usage (and this is the first UTC leap day of OpenAI API as of an hour ago) You can up the two thresholds you set for yourself.

I refreshed many times, reboot computer, swap computer, waited for 2 days, tried via different conversations, had still the same issue as of yesterday. For the limitation on the API side I was well below my limitation for February.

It’s working fine today so I suspect it’s due to the change of month, maybe as you say the first leap day :smiley:

Very weird situation, hopefully it does not come back at the end of this month…


I have same problem( How to fix it?