BING competition concern

My company and I invested a lot in developing a SaaS platform for brazilian market (it is copywriting generation platform). And now we are very concerned because Microsoft Bing is giving for free GPT-3 content generation. How Open AI is planning to protect/cover your API’s customers that are/were paying for this use from such situation? How me and my company are supposed to convince new users to buy our solution?

LIke in every other field, you will have to prove your value. Prove that your content is better than the free alternative. What were you expecting?

You didn’t understand. My platform is built uppon GPT-3. It´s consumes GPT-3’s API.

I did understand. My answer is the same. whats your point?

For your company, and a lot of small companies out there, the race is on to build GPT based businesses that need to compete with a free model from Microsoft, Google, ChatGPT, and I’m sure many other AI services that will come online within the next 12 months.

The free models are not really free. All these large companies make their money by giving away GPT services while having ads delivered to the people using their free service.

As just one example, recently real estate agents are using ChatGPT for free to develop content and write their listings. Chat GPT does this for free and does a good enough job that real estate agents will not spend money on a different solution from a small private company.

I do not know what type of content your SaaS generates. But I have a feeling your company, like many others, will need to specialize in specific type of content to find paying customers.