Billing for different projects

Hello, I work in an IT finance organization with different people and projects.

Sales team have not responded us in months regarding enterprise account.

Is there a way to obtain a different invoice for each project? We need to impute costs on each project on our side.



The fastest way to obtain separate invoices is to create different accounts, one for each project. If you maintain consistent naming and utilize the additional billing email recipient feature, it should be manageable.

However, you may need to check if the different account tiers could pose an issue, as each new account starts at tier 1 and if you share other assets across projects.

Alternatively, you could generate a report to detail the share that each project contributes to the total invoice. However, this would still result in a single invoice.

I hope this helps in your situation.

Thanks, I thought the same thing. While sales is not responding, we will create an OpenAI account for each team.

Thanks for your “prompt” response :smile:


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