Better Than Real Life & Not Even That Detailed Yet!

Anyone else spending all waking hours of the day generating images, chasing after those gems that sometimes appear, which are even better than dreams? I can’t wait for virtual reality to be able to generate environments like these pictures on the fly.

What are your thoughts? And art, too, please.


It has sorta turned into an obsession, i ain’t gonna lie! I’ve even been prompting and creating images in my dreams lately. Oh cripes! lol

That’s great to hear; I bet it was amazing!

Any creative project i’m 100% focused on, whether it be my photography, graphic design, music, or now AI, I have some epic results. of course the knack is to train yourself to wake up and remember it all. Sometimes I do! :slight_smile:

Yes, keeping focus after having slept is key. Would like everyone’s reply, however I am capped at the moment.


You know, I’m actually curious about what makes the image gen feature appealing to you. Do you consider yourself an artist?

It seems that image generation seems to be a hugely popular feature for a lot of people, and I seem to find myself as a bit of an outlier here, so I am truly and genuinely curious to hear about why it’s so exciting for you (and likely many others).

I hate to admit it, but I still struggle to get any image model to make something close to what I envision. The images like what you presented can come out gorgeous for sure. However, for me personally, it’s still easier for me to just paint/make what I want, so I don’t really use it. Also, when you actually take a minute to look at the objects in the scene, it breaks down from reality in ways that are difficult to fix or re-prompt. For example, look at those columns in your first image, and the trees. The columns are an optical illusion, and the trees don’t seem to be planted in a strip of soil.

Again, it’s not bad, and I thoroughly love how people can have greater autonomy now to artistically express themselves. I actually find that beautiful. But man, they always tend to produce optical illusions or other odd little things that are just too hard to fix, and it drives me nuts. And because only the finalized, detailed image is produced, there’s no “point” in the process where I could guide it or tell it “hey, whatcha doin’ with those columns over there? I’d tweak that before you add details to it.” like I would teaching normal human artists lol.