Beta settings are no longer visible and my plugins have disappeared

I’m encountering an issue where my beta settings are no longer visible, and my plugins have disappeared. Despite trying different browsers, the problem persists. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

This is not an issue, Plugins have been discontinued and are not entirely replaced by GPTs. The Beta settings panel disappeared due to their being nothing to put in there.

@grandell1234 grandell1234

The only reason I just paid for ChatGPT 4 was for the plugins feature as every video on google advertises this feature with canva etc, Is there no way at all that I can still use this feature?? And if not then do you think I can get my money back for the membership I just took out?

If its not working any more they should make that clear to customers before they make purchases

GPTs have replaced plugins. You mentioned Canva if you go to the GPT store you can find the Canva GPT replacement.