Best way to create a chatbot using pre-trained models with links

Hello everyone!

I need assistance on how to create a chatbot that can provide information on topics that can be addressed within one of the screens already present in my system. For instance, if I send the question “Where can I register a game in the system?” I would like to receive a response like: “[Library] In this screen, you can register and manage games in the library. You can specify a name, description, and other details such as category, etc. For more information, please visit the following link:”.

I appreciate your help in advance.

(Note: We have already tested using the fine-tuning feature with more than 400 samples.)

If you don’t mind me asking, what do you mean by “screens” already present in your system? You mean “apps” that are opened currently in your desktop/device?

That’s fine. It would be for web system routes. And on the “screens” would be the routes to the registration page.
:sweat_smile: I use “screen” but i belive the correct word is pages.

I see. Let us assume those screens have a way to communicate to the server in real-time (e.g. websocket) so what you just need to do is to trigger this communication from user’s chat screen. So using function calling.

Let us simulate

user: Where can I register a game in the system?
function_calling: { topic: "game registration", inquiry: "where to register"}
(call api to send message to registration screen via websocket)
(if registration screen is open, it will receive the message, will "blink" and show the message: "In this screen, you can register and manage games..." )
(if registration screen is not open, return { message: "You can register in the registration screen..." } to chat process )