Best tool to build chatbot using Assistant API - OpenAssistantGPT

I have build a Saas platform that is made to create chatbot using the API Assistant. The tool is called OpenAssistantGPT, you can easily build a chatbot with custom content for any website. In few minutes you can easily create your chatbot using our app.

You can use this app with a free tier including 500 messages per month and integrate the chatbot to your website with few lines of code.

I hope you like the app!

Hi! i’ve tried your tool and it looks nice! What I’m looking for though is a tool to embed a chatbot build with Assistant API looking like the preview of the chatbot in your service – so full screen. When I embed a chatbot on my page, I get a small chatbot in the right corner. Is this something you could offer? Thanks!

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Hi @hemmik,

Thank you for the comments!

What I understand you want to include a chat like this one in your page? You want everything within the red lines?

Hi Marc-Olivier,

That’s is correct!



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I will add this feature in my todo list!



Hi @hemmik, it is to let you know that the implementation you ask for is now live!

You can now create your chatbot and when it is time to embed it in your website you can choose the “Window” embed type and you’ll have a chat in your website :slight_smile:

Have a good day!

Hi Marc,

Thanks so much! Looks great, we’ll surely subscribe to your tool now!

One thing, it looks like the chatbotID is not correctly pre-filled when opting for the window option.



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Thank you for raising the issue, it is currently fixed now! :slight_smile:


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In most cases, potential clients are small and medium-sized companies that use a large amount of their own data. And systems of this type do not fully cover the needs of clients.
Such clients are willing to pay huge sums for a personalized approach to the development of such software.

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Absolutely concur with your perspective! The application is in its initial stages, and being open source, big players can effortlessly replicate it and tailor it to their specific preferences! :blush:

Hey this is great! However, it would be even better if we could create chatbots from already existing GPTs. it looks like the only way i can create a chatbot is if i create a new GPT

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It would be great if I could create my own Assistant’s in the Open AI playground and then link them with the assistant key. That way I can also add actions.

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I will check what I can do to import already existing assistant

Thank you for this great tool! Is it possible to add a configuration to perform tasks? It would be nice if the bot were able to provide the visitor with a free trial form, or send them to the Contact Us page, for example.

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Hey @hrbatra, im not 100% sure to understand your recommendation but you can always ask in your chatbot prompt to return a specific link when needed.

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Thanks for the response, I had something more complicated in mind but having it provide a link works perfectly.

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Glad it works! Don’t hesitate if you have any questions

Does any one know a a competitor to this product.
It is great but lacks a few functionalities and the pricing is not making sense to me. If I need only one bot but white labelled I basically need to pay for 27 bots …


Can you share the missing functionalities you are looking for? Im here to listen to any suggestion!

Also you can look at competitors here!

Thank you

I like a lot the capability to directly integrate with an exisiting OpenAI Assistant. others seems to encapsulate those themselves instead.

Features missing would be mainly conversation history/ usage stats but mainly I my feedback is on the pricing. All I need is to start with 1 bot I can cutomize (no Powered by message) and I find $29/month expensive for a start