Best tool to build chatbot using Assistant API - OpenAssistantGPT

I have build a Saas platform that is made to create chatbot using the API Assistant. The tool is called OpenAssistantGPT, you can easily build a chatbot with custom content for any website. In few minutes you can easily create your chatbot using our app.

You can use this app with a free tier including 500 messages per month and integrate the chatbot to your website with few lines of code.

I hope you like the app!

Hi! i’ve tried your tool and it looks nice! What I’m looking for though is a tool to embed a chatbot build with Assistant API looking like the preview of the chatbot in your service – so full screen. When I embed a chatbot on my page, I get a small chatbot in the right corner. Is this something you could offer? Thanks!

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Hi @hemmik,

Thank you for the comments!

What I understand you want to include a chat like this one in your page? You want everything within the red lines?

Hi Marc-Olivier,

That’s is correct!



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I will add this feature in my todo list!