Best practice prompts for efficient academic lecture transcript

hey y’all,
I’m a grad school student and I have the transcripts of all my courses lectures.
I know to use GPT-4 with plugins to ask him to get me a comprehensive summary of the a lecture by giving it the lecture transcript. how should I ask it to get the best results?
thanks Yam

You can actually ask this type of question to ChatGPT and it will produce excellent prompts for you. You can then refine those prompts to get exactly what you need.

Where did you see this? Please provide a reference.

ChatGPT does have plugins.

Actually, summarization is one of the easier tasks for it. You should be able to do this fine with GPT-3.5. You’ll have to manually break the bigger transcripts into smaller chunks.

An example with GPT-3.5: [3.5] Summarize Transcript

Same example with GPT-4: [4] Summarize Transcript

Surprisingly, it looks like 3.5 performs a little better at this.

This was a format I adopted from M. Adler’s How to Read a Book. The idea is not to replace the work of reading it, but to give a high level view that helps you to understand it faster and not pause too long on terminology, or where the author is going with this.